Arena40 Editorial - W Bro Rod Glyn-Thomas LGR

Dear readers, welcome to the 40th edition of arena Magazine.
At the last meeting I attended before this awful pandemic, I was having a chat with some of my mates after our festive board and a brother we don’t really know strolled over and joined us.

Arena40 Foreword - W Bro Omaid Hiwaizi SLGR Metropolitan Communications Officer

Communication with Purpose.
This edition of Arena was largely prepared before the social distancing measures were implemented by the UK government and the suspension of all masonic activities in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Arena40 Discovering Freemasonry

Recruitment has been one of the main objectives in London Freemasonry in recent years, so it was pleasing to see around 350 people turn up to the Grand Temple of Freemasons’ Hall on an evening in early February for a ‘Discovering Freemasonry’ event.

Arena40 The SLGR Investiture & Presentation to London Fire Brigade

It was a dull and wet day for the Senior London Grand Rank investiture and annual meeting of Metropolitan Grand Lodge, but the day was considerably brightened for those attending the events at Freemasons Hall as they walked along Greet Queen Street.

Arena40 The Men at the Top - W Bro John Parry PSGD Metropolitan Grand Inspector

As part of 'The Men at the Top' series, gaining insight into some of the leaders of London Freemasons; this piece is an exciting interview of W Bro John Parry PSGD, Metropolitan Grand Inspector, by W Bro Gur Samuel LGR.

Arena40 Red Triangle Lodge Commemorates 100 Years of Masonic and Charitable Service

Over 75 Brethren gathered at Freemasons’ Hall on Tuesday, February 12th to celebrate the centenary of Red Triangle Lodge No 4000.

Arena40 The Kent Club update

An update from the Chairman, W Bro Dudley Price PAGDC, on the Kent Club.

Arena40 The Connaught Club update

W Bro Anthony Muirhead - the Chairman of the Connaught Club - gives an update with what’s going on with the young masons in London.

Arena40 MetGInsp E Comp John Burnapp Presents 50 Year Certificate at the Principals of Goliath Chapter No 5595

Just before Christmas, Metropolitan Grand Inspector E Comp John Burnapp PAGSoj presented two Fifty-Year Long Service Certificates to Companions at two different chapters and two separate centres for London Freemasonry, just seven days apart.

Arena40 Mill Hill Lodge No 3574 celebrate 50 Years of Service

On Tuesday 17th December 2019 in Temple 15 at Freemasons Hall in the presence of forty members and guests Bro Neil was presented with a fifty year Long Service Certificate by Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master RW Bro Stephen Fenton PJGW.

Arena40 Sister Chapter reunited by fortuitous meeting across the hallway

The Chapter’ s future appeared bleak with illness and a lack of members, including the loss of four members the year before. It was becoming evident that the Chapter, with great sadness, should consider handing back its Charter. Across the Anteroom, Zeus Chapter No 5418 was holding an identical meeting to discuss its future.

Arena40 The Old Reptonian Lodge establishes links with Freemasons from Sweden

Back in October 2019, The Old Reptonian Lodge, No 3725 was approached by Grand Lodge to host nineteen visiting brethren from Sweden keen to visit Freemasons’ Hall in London and attend a Lodge meeting.

Arena40 Wellington Livery Masters Lodge No.6991

W Bro Michael D J Wilkey SLGR, Secretary, explains how “First there was the idea. The idea became a word and the word became a Masonic Lodge”

Arena40 Talking Heads Presentation Richard Eve Lodge No 2772

W Bros Wayne Hirst PGStB, Derek Muston SLGR and Kevin Saunders LGR, supported by W Bro John Peters PJGD Metropolitan Grand Inspector, attended Richard Eve Lodge on 6th March 2020 to present the Playlet “Talking Heads - the Next Step into the Royal Arch”.

Arena40 London Rifle Brigade Chapter No.1962 celebrate their Centenary

London Rifle Brigade was a volunteer unit of the British army formed in 1859. They enjoyed each other’s company, as twenty-three years later, on 11 May 1882, London Rifle Brigade Lodge was consecrated.

Arena40 Royal Alfred Chapter No.780 celebrate Centenary Convocation at Ealing

"I first had the pleasure of visiting Royal Alfred Chapter No. 780 in 2003, experiencing a very warm ambience during the meeting and a very jovial Festive Board."

Arena40 The Men at the Top - E Comp John Burnapp Metropolitan Grand Inspector PAGSoj

As part of 'The Men at the Top' series, gaining insight into some of the leaders of London Freemasons; this piece is an exciting interview of E Comp John Burnapp Metropolitan Grand Inspector PAGSoj, by W Bro Gur Samuel LGR.

Arena40 Snaresbrook Lodge No.4010 celebrates it's Centenary Meeting

Snaresbrook Lodge No 4010 celebrated its Centenary at a meeting held at its regular meeting place of Freemasons’ Hall, on Thursday 27th February 2020. The Lodge’ s Centenary Worshipful Master W Bro Alan Cooper SLGR welcomed the Metropolitan Grand Lodge delegation headed by VW Bro Richard Greenhill PGSwdB, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master.

Arena40 The Metropolitan Grand Stewards Demonstration Team

When the Metropolitan Grand Stewards’ Lodge No 9812 was formed in 2005, the Lodge’s by-laws enshrined an objective to, “Assist and support the work of the Metropolitan Grand Master and the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London, and to increase the Masonic education and broaden the Masonic experience of its members and of the Craft in general.”

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