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London Masonry - Should You Join Us?

Only if you believe in a supreme being and subscribe to the Three Principles of Neighbourly Concern, Charity and Moral Standards (please see the What is Freemasonry? page) should you even consider joining.

Freemasons meet all across London, in Masonic halls, hotels, livery halls and other venues. Most Lodges meet four to eight times a year, usually in the late afternoon and early evening (though some meet on Saturdays) and will usually include a dinner after the meeting. It is important to identify whether a Lodge's location and meeting days/times are convenient for you, so that you can commit to a regular attendance without damaging your family or work commitments. You should also be able to bear the financial commitment (subscriptions, an expectation of contributions to charitable funds, dining fees, regalia etc). Above all, no one should undertake membership which may adversely affect his family, employment or other non-Masonic commitments. A Freemason may join more than one Lodge and visit other Lodges as a guest, so a change of home or job should not necessarily cause difficulties. Lodges meet all over the UK, and indeed all over the world.

Membership of a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England is open all to men of good character aged 18 or over who have been proposed by two members. The final decision rests with the members of the individual Lodge. If you are interested in becoming a Freemason in a London Lodge and do not know anyone who can sponsor you, introductions can be made through Grand Lodge or Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

We have a special batch of Lodges which focus on meeting the Masonic needs of younger men, especially students. They draw on the experience of specific University Lodges which have thrived for decades with a student-based membership. Visit for more information.

If you are interested in joining Freemasonry, you may wish to look first at the handy information on the website of United Grand Lodge of England at Having done so, if you are still interested in joining but do not know any Freemasons personally, then please complete the form located here or alternatively contact Metropolitan Grand Lodge direct with details of where you live and work and where we can contact you. We will then arrange for someone to contact you in order to discuss matters further, with no obligation on either side.

Metropolitan Grand Lodge | PO Box 29055 | London WC2B 5UN  

Telephone: 0207 539 2930

Fax: 0207 539 2931

If you think you might want to join a Lodge outside London, for example because it suits where you live or work, you can still use the link above to the contact form and your enquiry will be directed to the Masonic Province where you live and / or work.


There is nothing in Masonry which conflicts with a man's civil, moral or religious duties.
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