Freemasonry in London

London Freemasonry - supporting the community

Many people wonder about the history and day-to-day workings of Freemasonry. For many years it was clouded in mystery but in recent years we have been explaining to the public the positive influence that Freemasonry has on its members, their families and the wider community.

The individual Mason benefits from the enjoyment of spending time with like-minded men in a supportive and social environment, sharing in a common philosophy for the benefit of the community and having a shared wish to live by a high moral code.

In the community most people know Freemasons for their charity work. We are proud to give charitable support to major national causes and to smaller local ones so that the whole community can benefit. Examples of the many London projects can be found on our webpage In The Community. This website seeks to answer many of the questions you might have about Freemasonry – especially in London – and has links to other websites so that you can find out more. If your interest is stimulated and you want to ask about membership, just use the link on the page: Should You Join Us.

It is my pleasure to lead nearly 40,000 Freemasons in London. We all aim to live according to the core Masonic principles of Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity which are as important today as when Freemasonry was founded many hundreds of years ago. In essence, we want our members to treat others with the respect, dignity and consideration with which they would wish to be treated themselves.

I hope that you find this website both interesting and informative.

Sir Michael Snyder
Metropolitan Grand Master for London
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