Welcome to London Freemasonry

Welcome to the site of London Freemasons! Within these pages, you will find everything you would wish to know about London Freemasonry and the positive impact we create within the community and, the good work undertaken by our members in support of our community.
To find out how to join us, see some useful links and other contacts here.

This year sees a landmark in London Freemasonry with the celebration of 300 years of English Freemasonry, 2017 is will proving to be a very special year!

Apart from the launch of the, no stone unturned, Sky TV series, Inside The Freemasons, of which we are immensely proud and delighted to see at last the truth about Freemasonry on National television, we also have many other events to acknowledge the very special year. Including; introducing the Volunteering Scheme, Freemasons taking an active part in and supporting many varied community and charity initiatives; the Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) scheme, providing Teddies to accident and emergency units across London allowing medical staff to distribute bears at their discretion to Children who are in severe distress; The summer Organ concert; Open House; The Variety Show at the London Palladium; The Guildhall Banquet; the Summer Party; a Quiz night; our Grand Ball; our float in the Lord Mayors Show; and a special Ladies Festival event.

All this and a whole lot more making 2017 a tricentenary year to remember – and you are welcome to come and join us!

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