Skydive for our Lift for Life appeal

Metropolitan Grand Lodge is looking for brethren of all ages to do something very different in aid of our Lift for Life appeal.

This summer, now in its third year, we'll be organising a sponsored tandem skydiving event on August 30th at a specialist centre in Peterborough, and we want you to be involved!

There is no greater feeling on, or above, earth than jumping from an aircraft, securely attached to an experienced instructor, 12,000ft above the beautiful British countryside. After experiencing the thrill of freefall, your instructor will deploy the parachute, giving you an incredible five minutes of peaceful canopy flight, before landing safely in front of your friends, family and brethren.

Tandem skydiving in the UK is very safe and heavily regulated by the British Parachute Association. To jump, you just need be over 16 and reasonably fit and healthy. For safety reasons, there is a strict maximum weight limit of 99KGs to take part.

Confirm your place by filling in your details below, then raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship to take part, and jump for free! There's even the option to have your skydive filmed at extra cost, to prove that you did something incredible.

Do something amazing. Skydive for Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s Lift for Life appeal.

One you've submitted your form (below), someone will be in contact with you!
The data collected via the secure Google form below will only be used to administer, and contact you about, the skydiving event. By registering for the event, you understand that you will be contacted about your participating, via the contact information you provide. Your data will be stored and accessed securely and at no point passed to any third party.


What date will the skydive take place?
The skydive event has been organised for August 30th 2019. As skydiving is a weather dependent activity, a back up date of August 31 2019 is also planned.

Where will the skydive take place?
The skydive event will be held at UK Parachuting – Sibson Airfield, just outside Peterborough. The center is easily accessible from the A1, or a short taxi journey from Peterborough station. Brethren that fly are also able to land at the airfield. The full address is: UK Parachuting, Sibson Airfield, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6NE.

What is the minimum / maximum age?
The minimum age to take place is 18, or 16 with parental consent. There are no upper age limits and the center have taken people well in to their 90s.

What is the maximum weight limit to participate?
For safety reasons, the maximum weight limit on the day to participate is 99KGs, or 15.59 stone. Each jumper will be weighed upon arrival to confirm their weight.

How safe is it?
All skydiving in the UK is regulated by the British Parachute Association (BPA), a governing body given sole power by the CAA to control and regulate sports parachuting activity in the UK. The BPA proudly boasts one of the highest safety records for skydiving in the world and has extremely strict training and operational requirements.

Any person making a freefall descent in the UK is required to join the BPA, the cost of which is included in the price of making a tandem skydive through a temporary membership. By being a member, you are provided with third party insurance.

The operation of the dropzone, and all the activities that take place, are heavily regulated by the sports governing body, the BPA. The instructors must be suitably qualified, with regular refresher training and currency requirements. Everything to do with the jump is strictly governed by the BPA’s operations manual, and the specific dropzone’s SOPs – guidelines that have been written and amended, using data, learning and best practice collated over many decades.

While there is risk with any pursuit, tandem skydiving is an inherently safe activity.

What will it cost?
To take part, you need to raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship money, though ideally considerably more. By raising a minimum of £400, you will be able to make the tandem skydive at no cost to you. If you have not raised a minimum of £400 by the day of the of the skydive, you can either make up the difference personally, and skydive, or forfeit the skydive and all the money raised will be donated directly to the Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s Lift for Life appeal.

What will happen on the day?
You will be given a thorough briefing on the day of your skydive, before being paired with a very experienced skydive instructor. Securely attached to your instructor with approved and tested equipment, you will be taken to an exit altitude of approximately 10,000-12,000ft before leaving the aircraft. You will enjoy approximately 45 seconds of freefall, before the instructor deploys a parachute, giving you around 5 minutes of calm, and beautiful aerial views ahead of landing safely on the designated landing area.

Who are you raising money for?
All money raised will be donated directly to Metropolitan Grand Lodge’s Lift for Life appeal.

How do I raise the money?
Once registered, we will send you details of our dedicated online giving platform. Every penny donated will go directly to the Lift for Life appeal. You can easily share your dedicated online page with your friends, family, work colleagues and fellow brethren to encourage them to donate.

I have a disability, can I still make a skydive?
The center is able to accommodate jumpers with certain disabilities, however it is vital to discuss this prior to your place being confirmed. Please contact Bro. James Macdonald via skydivemacca@mac.com who will be able to talk you through the options.

Can my friends and family join me on the day?
Absolutely! Bring as many friends and family as you would like. When you jump, they’ll be able to watch you land right next to the landing area.

What facilities does the skydiving center have?
Aside from the skydiving facilities, the center has a bar / café that serves food, drinks, and alcohol – though no alcohol can be consumed by anyone jumping prior to skydiving. There are toilets, baby change facilities, and an outside picnic area.

Can I stay locally?
There are a number of local hotels offering accommodation at varying price points. If you wish to stay locally, please discuss this with Bro. James Macdonald after your place has been confirmed.

How long will the experience take?
Due to the great British weather, it’s important to allow the full day for your tandem skydive experience. When you jump, you will be in freefall for approximately 45 seconds, and under canopy for approximately 5 minutes.

Can my skydive by videoed / photographed?
Absolutely, however the cost of this cannot be taken from the money raised. If you would like to have a visual record of your jump, the cost is £99 for either video or photos, or £135 for both, the cost of which is payable directly to the dropzone.