The London Freemason’s Charity is proud to report a donation of £6,000 to the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation to support healthcare professionals working across London.


The Healthcare Workers’ Foundation (HWF) is a charity created for, and led by, healthcare workers. It is committed to supporting and improving the welfare and wellbeing of those working in healthcare throughout the UK, from cleaners and porters to nurses and doctors. This is achieved through a range of support services, research projects, awareness campaigns and advocacy work.

The donation from the London Freemason’s Charity will be used to provide financial hardship grants to Londoners working in the healthcare sector. The majority of the applicants that HWF supports are ‘hidden healthcare workers’ such as healthcare assistants, porters, cleaners and catering staff; many of whom receive minimum wage and are living on – or below – the poverty line.

The situation for healthcare workers today is chronic:

• Low pay is a particular issue in the social care workforce. The NHS currently pays less than the Real Living Wage; the rate which someone needs to earn to stay out of relative poverty. 

• 56% of NHS staff work unpaid additional hours on top of their contracts. 

• 63% of healthcare workers now have to choose between food and fuel. In real terms, they’re torn between putting petrol in the car and putting a meal on the table. 

• 14% of nurses and carers report that since the beginning of the crisis, they’d begun using food banks, and 30% knew colleagues who relied on them.

Julie Child, CEO of the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation says: “We are extremely grateful to the London Freemason’s Charity for their generous donation to the HWF. Due to the cost-of-living crisis, many lower paid healthcare workers are struggling to afford basic necessities such as food, clothing and heating. The grants we make, though relatively small in financial value, offer a lifeline to those who receive them and can create significant impact to those in need”.

A London based NHS worker added, “I am extremely happy with the support I received; as I have been struggling. The cost of living has really affected me as a single parent on a low income. I was worrying as to how I would be able to afford a new cooker; and to find out my application was approved has lifted a weight off my shoulders. The staff have been so friendly and professional and helped with any questions I had. I look forward to the delivery of my new cooker next week.”

Paul King from London Freemasons, says: “I’m really pleased we’ve been able to help the Healthcare Workers’ Foundation with their hugely important work to help London healthcare workers living with financial hardship. How can we rely on healthcare workers when they can’t afford to eat and live? We’re proud to help provide practical and desperately-needed help in the form of financial support.”

Potential grant applicants can find more information about how to apply at

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