The Metropolitan Grand Lodge & Grand Chapter Entry into the Lord Mayor's Show this year will be highlighting our huge support for London including our donations to the LAA and LFB. This is an exceptional opportunity for us to show the public the excellence and generosity of our unique organisation, and to raise awareness of our continued help and support for others.

For just £150 (that’s only £10 a head from fifteen brethren) your Lodge or Chapter can Sponsor one of your members to take part in this ancient, historic and world famous event which attracts over half a million people each year.

The float will be one of our best entries ever. We will fly two Giant inflatables displaying our name, logo and message with 60 London Freemasons in full regalia who will be carrying banners, parading and interacting with the welcoming crowds.

We extend an invitation to every London Lodge and Chapter to embrace their place in masonic history. Show pride in your Lodge or Chapter by walking with us as part of our entry in this fabulous event.

Immediately after the parade the senior members of Metropolitan Grand Lodge are inviting you, your family & friends to enjoy a White Table Luncheon to celebrate our participation in the Lord Mayor’s pageant. This will be held in the splendid Great Hall at St Bart’s Hospital.

We welcome the broadest participation possible, so please forward this to as many brethren as you can. Sponsored places for both the Parade and the Lunch go very quickly.

You can download the booking form here or contact Matthew Beckwith at for more information.