From humble beginnings as a repository of static Nuggets and Papers, Solomon has grown to meet its members' needs with more interactive content, from audio files to videos and quizzes.

We are now proud to present the next step in the evolution of masonic learning, Solomon Live.

Solomon Live is a series of interviews and presentations with various Masonic special guests, which began on 6th April with “What is Freemasonry?” with the Grand Secretary, VW Bro Dr David Staples. Hosted by W Bro Brody Swain, PCO for Worcestershire, these regular webinars will last approximately forty-five minutes, covering a variety of popular Masonic topics and will be followed by a Q&A session, for which you will be able to submit your questions.

So stay tuned on Solomon (and your inbox) for updates.

Regular Solomon users will have noticed we are also adding more features to make engaging with the content even easier - from adding Closed Captions to our new and ever-growing collection of video content, to ensuring our library of Nuggets and Papers is also available in audio format, as well as hosting more webinars for new users.

The Learning & Development Team, alongside our dedicated contributors from around the globe, continue to work tirelessly to ensure that resources on Solomon cover the broadest range of topics possible, from viewing the famous Prestonian Lectures narrated by the Lecturers themselves, which are usually only delivered inside a Lodge room, to testing your knowledge with our interactive quizzes.

Our content is not just for the individual Brother or Companion. There is also a wide variety of material that Lodges and Chapters can utilise for Online Masonic Gatherings, allowing members to keep learning and engaging alongside their Brethren and Companions even during this challenging time, and continue learning when our meetings can resume. 

Solomon Live is only the next step in the evolution of the Solomon platform, and our goal of Fostering Curiosity – Developing Understanding is the central message of Solomon and the core value underpinning everything we do. 

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Simply go to  and fill in your details. Once you have received the confirmation email, Log in, select your first Module and Enrol. You can then begin your journey of Masonic learning and understanding.

A selection from Solomon

First Degree:

The Officers’ Jewels - Quiz is here. Test your knowledge of the various Jewels worn by Officers within a Lodge.

Nugget – The Four Tassels is here. Origin and symbolism of the Four Tassels and their association with operative masonry.

Nugget – The Deacons and their ‘Wands’ is here. The creation of the modern-day Deacons and the evolution of their wands.

Second Degree:

Second Degree Tracing Board Quiz is here. Test your knowledge of the Second Degree Tracing Board.

Nugget – The Five Noble Orders of Architecture is here. The development of Five Noble Orders of Architecture are explored.

Nugget – Between the Pillars is here. The association between the two Pillars from Solomon’s Temple and the two Wardens.

More general content:

Paper – The United Grand Lodge of England? is here. A brief history of the formation of the Premier and Antients’ Grand Lodges and their unification in 1813 which led to the United Grand Lodge of England of today.

Paper – The Changing Image of Freemasonry is here. How Freemasonry has evolved over time.

The Chequered (Mosaic) Pavement is here. The duality symbolised by the black and white Chequered Pavement, which characterises our Masonic Lodges.

The Eight Grand Lodges of England is here. An investigation of the eight Grand Lodges that have been formed in England; some more ‘Grand’ than others.

Paper – A Glossary is here.

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