Three new cars were presented to the London Ambulance Service at Freemasons’ Hall on Thursday 12th March by the Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder. The vehicles complete with their equipment will be used as ‘Rapid Response Vehicles’ and are in addition to five similar vehicles presented several years ago.

Sir Michael said;
“I am delighted on behalf of all London Freemasons to present these three fast response cars for use by the voluntary Emergency Responders within the London Ambulance Service, to further complement the five cars that London Freemasons generously donated just a couple of years ago.

The work of the London Ambulance Service is inspirational in their relentless efforts in assisting all those Londoners in time of need. This role is only achieved by the huge commitment given by the many volunteers from various different walks of life and I have the utmost respect for their dedicated service across the capital.”

Heather Lawrence OBE, Chair of London Ambulance Service, said;
“I am delighted to accept the donation of these three vehicles on behalf of the London Ambulance Service and we are incredibly grateful to the Freemasons. Our Emergency Responders play a key role in providing care to Londoners and these new response cars will mean we can continue reaching those who need us.

Over the next few years we are aiming to double the number of volunteer Emergency Responders we have within the Service and this kind donation helps us as we move towards this goal.”

The voluntary Emergency Responders gave close to 25,000 hours of their own time attending 8,772 emergency calls in 2019 using similar vehicles.